Profile of Henan Lingrui Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.


Henan Lingrui Pharmaceutical Ltd., focusing on pharmaceutical production and operation, is a high-tech pharmaceutical enterprise in China and the first listed company of the Chinese medical adhesive plaster industry.

Lingrui Pharma., founded in June 1992, is a joint venture formed by Antelope Mountain Pharmaceutical Factory of Henan and Ruixing Company of Hong Kong. It successfully got listed in October 2000 and has developed into a nationally- renowned pharmaceutical enterprise. At present, the company has more than 10 sharing and holding subsidiaries located in Beijing, Changzhou, Zhengzhou, Xinyang ect.  Moreover, Lingrui Pharma. owns a number of scientific research and production bases, among which the eco-industrial park located in Xin County is the nation's largest production base of adhesive plasters, the technology park located in Xinyang is famous as an advanced large-scale production center of oral drugs, and Lingrui Drug Research Institute as well as Lingrui Technology Limited located in Beijing are our company’s research and development centers. Our company, with total assets of ¥ 1.5 billion and annual taxes of over ¥ 100 million, has grown into a pillar of the local economic development.

The company now is capable of manufacturing the principle ten dosage forms such as adhesive plasters, tablets, capsules, granules, and tinctures ect., covering over 100 product varieties, including our star products with exclusive intellectual property such as Tongluoqutong Plasters, Peiyuantongnao Capsules, Danlutongdu Tablets, Stomachache Free Tablets, Shenqi Hypoglycemic Capsules and so on. With unique recipes, top-class raw materials, excellent workmanship and evident curative effect, the products of Lingrui enjoy a high prestige in China. All our dosage forms, products and workshops have passed the national GMP certification so as to make our quality system accord with international standards.

 Ranking among the “Top 50 Traditional Chinese Medicine Enterprises”, Lingrui Pharma. has been awarded as Advanced Enterprise at municipal, provincial, industrial and national levels for many times. In 2001, it became a member of National Torch Plan Program for High-tech Enterprises.