Ⅰ. Human resource philosophy:People-oriented, respecting talents, creating opportunities, striving for mutual development, a company beloved and supported by talents has a bright future.

Ⅱ. Standard of talents:  having both professional competence and moral integrity.

Ⅲ. Sources of personnel:
Actively widening social channels, we extensively attract proven talents as well as growing talents.
1. Internal training: in-service professional training and orientation education.
2. External recruitment: attracting high-level talents nationally; recruiting outstanding college graduates; recruiting practical talents from the public; offering high-salaried posts to senior technical talents and management talents.

Ⅳ. Human resource objectives:
Employees have the ability to meet requirements of their own position, and to get adapted to the company’s development, striving to be more specialized, more knowledgeable and more comprehensive. We are always making efforts to build a high-quality, high-level and highly-united Lingrui team in a talent –friendly culture.   

Ⅴ. Human resource planning
1. We recruit outstanding college graduates every year, and at the same time introduce high-quality and high-level professionals and management talents according to our main need.
2. We put emphasis of cultivation on the staff with outstanding performances.
3. We have the mechanism of selection whereby superior employees will get promoted and inferior ones be eliminated.

Ⅵ. Advantages of attracting talents:
1. The company has good prospects and development opportunities.
① As a listed company, Lingrui has a broad platform for development opportunities.
② Lingrui is a high-tech enterprise supported by national policies.
③ Lingrui is a strong brand in plaster industry, enjoying high popularity and reputation.
2. There is a good mechanism for the growing and development of our staff.
3. Our staff get both good material rewards and moral rewards, both material satisfaction and spiritual affirmation.
4. Based on a two-way selection, we pay more attention to employees’ qualities, potential, personality, qualifications and experience.
5. We provide good working and living conditions.
6. We offer generous welfare treatment, and employees enjoy all the welfare benefits stipulated by the state such as retirement insurance, medical insurance, unemployment insurance etc. Moreover, there are many other benefits created by the company for our staff, such as free commuting on the company’s shuttle bus, free lunches, and exquisite birthday gifts.
7. Located in the junction of three provinces of Henan, Hubei and Anhui, the company has its geographic advantage.

Ⅶ. Employment principles:
Fair competition, equality of opportunities, and appointment-by-merits policy:
1. Knowing the staff:  knowing, understanding and respecting the staff, being aware of not only their performances but also their potentials.
2. Accepting the staff: creating a relaxed environment for their ease, no blaming for imperfection, allowing self-improvement.
3. Promoting the staff: providing each employee a stage to display their abilities, providing opportunities of learning, development and promotion.
4. Cultivating the staff: advocating the spirit of “sincerity, friendliness, tolerance, unity, professionalism, devotion and loyalty” among the staff.